Home of the Year 2018 Finalist


Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Announces Winners

Finalist includes project Evolve worked on together with Forum Phi Architecture.

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles announced the winners of their 2018 Home of the Year. This recognition goes out to award-winning designers, architects, and builders who are pushing the industry forward in the Colorado region. A finalist in the 2018 Home of the Year included a project the Evolve team worked on together with Forum Phi Architecture - the Artisan Cabin in Aspen.

The Artisan Cabin in Aspen is a Victorian T-shaped miner’s cabin built in 1886, now serving as a family’s second home. The goal of this project was to honor the historical origins of the structure, while adding a modern footprint with plenty of space to accommodate numerous guests.

This project was all about respecting the integrity of this historic Artisan Cabin, while ensuring a modern update that both highlighted and reinforced the cabin’s structural origin.

The work is featured in Colorado Homes & Lifestyle’s June/July Issue and showcases the incredible structure, architecture and interior design of the 2018 featured homes of the year. Colorado Homes & Lifestyle magazine is the state’s leading home design and interior decorating resource for the community.