Top Projects of the Year: Staff Picks!


Our Favorite Projects

We love them all, but here are this year’s top picks

A new tradition here at the office is to kick off the year by reviewing all of the projects from the previous year and calling out a few specifics. From new challenges, working with great people, and countless learning opportunities - here are three projects our staff wanted to highlight and why.

Little Woody Creek

The Little Woody Creek project was a top pick among the ESD team for the challenges, teamwork and coordination required. For example, once challenge was the lower level basement expansion - requiring significant foundation underpinning to achieve successfully. Overall, as Project Engineer Heidi put it, the Little Woody Creek project was one of the more “complicated, design-intensive” renovation projects, where “the necessary coordination between all disciplines was impressive.”


White Horse Springs Lane

White Horse Springs Lane is the first major renovation project done with KA Designworks in ArchiCAD’s shared platform, Teamwork. Founder and Principal Sara said that “it’s fun to dive deeper into the 3D modeling program, especially with Ken Adler & KA’s team, as they have quite a bit of experience with it.”

Using advanced technology like these platforms are part of how ESD and our partners are pushing the construction industry forward. For example, the White Horse Springs Lane project has such exceptional design partly because of this more efficient way to collaborate.

White Horse Pic 2.PNG

Kelley Residence

The Kelley Residence is a property in Aspen, Colorado that was transformed from a 1980’s two-story ranch into a beautiful modern house. Office Administrator Terri who doesn’t usually like modern houses even said “this one feels very welcoming, not cold like most modern house are to me” and she especially loved the amazing custom staircase.