What is Structural Engineering?


What is Structural Engineering?


Structural engineering is one of the original forms of engineering known to human beings - think branches, leaves and twine to make a primitive shelter. Today, engineering includes such modern feats as skyscrapers and even space shuttles.

Structural engineering is a speciality of civil engineering that focuses on designing and building structures to withstand the stress and pressure of their environmental factors. This ensures that buildings and other structures around us remain safe, stable and secure for a long time.

Necessary Skills

Established on more than 40 years of experience, Evolve Structural Design (ESD) is driven to evolve with design methods, materials and the visions of our clients to bring ideas for ideal solutions to every project. Our team members are skilled, passionate, and strive to make a difference in our community.

Structural engineers must ensure their projects remain safe in all environments and can withhold all conditions. It is vital to have an in-depth understanding of physics and mathematics as well as a solid understanding of the properties of various materials to predict compression, tension and bending.

Understanding how the environment will affect different materials is also crucial. Changes in temperature, pressure, and/or the presence of harmful environmental materials like corrosive gases and liquids will affect the stability and safety of the materials as well. Other facets of structural engineering include supervising construction projects, calculating stability and integrating personal designs with other structural engineers on the project.

Working with Evolve

ESD integrates sensible structural designs with the inspiring aesthetic and operational needs of mountain and resort communities.  As an established firm in the Western Slope region of Colorado, our team is proud to provide services to architectural and construction industries, focusing on residential, multi‐family and commercial buildings.


From the initial drawings throughout the design and construction phases, our dedication to collaboration and responsiveness has been found to be invaluable. We utilize the latest drafting and modeling technology to provide clear collaboration and documentation, including AutoCAD, Revit and ArchiCAD software. We strive to provide designs that cultivate sustainable material use and construction whenever possible, taking pride in building upon the unique visual and inherent strengths of each endeavor, while creating cost‐effective, code compliant solutions.

ESD strives to continuously expand our portfolio and we are always looking for new, innovative projects in which to apply our broad range of structural knowledge. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to set up an initial consultation.