Silver Lining Ranch - Residential


aspen, colorado

Silver Lining Ranch

Silver Lining Ranch is a residential renovation project in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. The primary structure of this project consisted of wood framing, steel framing and concrete foundation walls on spread footings. 

On the exterior, we replaced existing low shed roofs on the East side of the structure with new steel and wood deck framing, added two new exterior steel stairways, and added a new entry roof. We also added new and rearranged window and door openings, mainly along East and North exterior walls, including review and recognition of disturbances to existing lateral reinforcing system, and added a new skylight over Stair 1. The existing main level bearing wall along the North stairway was removed as well as the main level column in the new entry/hallway area. We had to devised alternate load paths to foundation and add supporting structure as required.

This project was completed in 2012 together with Zone 4 Architects.

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